English Cafe

letseigo-englishcafeOn the morning of January 6th 2015, we held the first official “English Cafe” at Let’s Eigo in Moriai. It was a fun, relaxing time to start the new year!


English cafe is a 60-minute free talk time. The price to attend is just 1000 yen, with coffee included!

It’s a great way to practice speaking English while enjoying coffee in a no-pressure environment. We didn’t use a text book – we just talked about anything we wanted to.

Thanks to the students who participated! I hope to do more “English Cafe” often events this year.

Get more information about English Cafe here.

English Cafe に参加しませんか? 詳しくはこちら

If you want to attend the next English Cafe, or enroll for a regular course, please call us to arrange it! Call 090-6226-7892


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