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Happy Halloween – Do You Know The History Of Halloween?

Happy Halloween from Let’s Eigo!


Sorry this post is a little late. Halloween was last week! T_T!

To celebrate Halloween, a friend visited my house for lunch and we had a few simple decorations at our house.

It was definitely not a big scale Halloween party like you can see in America. American’s love to put very elaborate decorations in and around their homes.

Afterall, I am Australian and Australians don’t officially celebrate Halloween. It’s primarily an American celebration (holiday). It’s not really that popular in Japan, although there is more talk of Halloween and more merchandise for sale in Japan than in Australia.

Even though, I think Halloween is fun, especially for the kids! And as a parent it’s fun to put decorations around the house and get costumes for kids.

Do you know the story of Halloween?

First, the meaning of the word “halloween”, it comes from the words “All Hallow’s Eve” (the day before All Hallow’s Day).

In the past, All Hallows Day; a day people believed spirits of dead ancestors would come to visit the earth day was on November 1st.

On the Eve of All Hallow’s day, people would dress up in costumes to scare away the evil spirits. This is where the costume culture that we see today originated.

There is more to it, so here is a video to explain it in simple, fun English.

Did you do anything on Halloween?

When Let’s Eigo becomes bigger, we will definitely be running Halloween parties! That will be something to look forward to.

Now it’s not long until Christmas! That is another favorite time of the year.





This week i found an article about a man who thought that modern Japanese is using too many English words. He represented a group of people and tried to sue NHK for “not speaking Japanese”


As a person learning Japanese it often seemed a bit strange that words such as

kea (care),toraburu (trouble), risuku (risk) and shisutemu (system) didn’t seem to have native Japanese words. I wondered how people expressed these ideas before these words were created.

Of course there were native Japanese words! However,  now a days it seems that using these half English words have become more popular. I don’t agree with replacing Japanese with English, i think it causes many problems for people who are trying to learn real English, and it also causes problems for older Japanese people who have no idea what others are saying. If we have two people speaking the same language that can’t understand each other, it might be a problem.

As strange as this seems i can say that we have similar issues in Canada as well. Recently, French speaking parts of Canada have tightened language laws to the point where there are now real language police, and people can get into trouble for using the wrong language!