A sudden trip to Tokyo

Last week two high school friends of mine came to Japan. They suddenly contacted me and asked  to meet me in Tokyo. I had not seen them in about 17 years. i’ve heard from many of my students that they sometimes go to high school reunions, i’m not really used to that at all. For me reunions of any kind are rare and full of surprise. Thanks to facebook, i am experiencing more small and sudden reunions.

One of my friends was Craig, and he was now a blood technician at a hospital, he collects, checks and takes care of blood at a hospital that i used to go to all the time. My other friend was Dan, who had become a police officer. Both had very interesting stories to tell, especially Dan, who had been a police officer for 11 years! If you ask me about it I will share some of their stories with you.

I spent only a day with them but realized how much i missed living in Canada. i just listened to them talk and asked questions. i felt relaxed because i could speak freely in a way that i was used to speaking in Canada. i swore a lot and i missed that too. Some of you may know that i used to have a very dirty mouth and swore very much.

capsuleI was also very pleased that i had the chance to sleep in a capsule hotel for the first time! Considering it was only 3000 yen for one night, it was very convenient.

But as you might imagine, it was very crowded and i didn’t like that there were carpeted floors with no slippers. It seemed the busiest time to check in was late at night when there were many drunk salary men.

The capsule itself was very comfortable and clean, i really enjoyed it a lot!


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