Be Careful of The Typhoon 台風に注意してください!

台風に注意してください!! This week, southern Japan has been faced with the oncoming Typhoon ‘Neoguri’.

Many people in Okinawa were affected by high-speed winds and blackouts in the early stages when the typhoon started it’s journey from the south. Reportedly, around 90,000 are still without electricity in Okinawa.

Now the typhoon is moving north towards Kyushu and mainland Honshu where the land is getting hit with powerful winds and severe rain.

It is predicted to move up here to Fukushima tomorrow, Friday July 11. We expect heavy rain and strong wind so please take care. It’s a good idea to stay indoors out of the danger’s way.

今週、日本南部に接近する台風 「ねおぐり」 に直面してきました。




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