Days before Golden week

I recently watched a TED talk video as i often do. This one was about a Japanese man who was very unusual. His name is Black, and he is a yo yo master. Many people would be impressed by his ability with a yo yo but really the most impressive thing about him is his free thinking and risk taking. It seems that many people live out there lives in such ordinary and typical ways these days, that when a man chooses to follow his passion and break out of ordinary roles and choices, it is very frightening, and uncertain. Black is a man who shows us what can be possible if you have the passion.

Last Friday i met the parents of a high school student of mine. We went to an Izakaya after not having seen each other for about two years. i was very happy to hear that my old student had gone to Germany for University, she wanted to be a translator and was very good at English, and now working on her German.

I was very happy to hear about her success and very happy that i had contributed a little to her English ability and worldview. i often feel most proud when i hear about my high school students, i can say that almost every one of them has reached some good degree of success with their English studies and lived lives not unlike Black the yo yo master.

Unfortunately i got food poisoning that night, on Saturday after my first lesson i was in such bad condition that i could not continue. i cancelled the rest of my lessons that day , went into the TV room and curled up into a ball for the rest of the day, i felt like a potato bug.bug

I recovered after two days, and had not eaten. i feel better today but i was surprised at how ok i felt after not having eaten for two whole days!

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