Downhill Skateboarding

Its Spring, and the weather is warmer but most importantly the roads in Fukushima are dry and ready!

I’ve been skateboarding for over ten years now, but it has always been freestyle. Freestyle skateboards are the most common now and usually what you see most people riding. These boards are great for tricks and jumping, but what they have never been good for is speed.

Since I’ve moved to Fukushima and discovered the mountains, i”ve realized that i really want to take full advantage and experience what i could not experience in my flat home town of Toronto.

I’ve changed my freestyle snowboard to a mountain board, and now this spring, I’ve changed my freestyle skateboard to a downhill longboard.

As i talked to my students i realized that many people don”t know what downhill long boarding is! So take a look, it is this…..

I’ve been practicing some basic slides and speed control techniques but last Sunday for the first time, i went to the top of Shinobu Yama and just rode down to test myself. It was very fun and very fast and of course i crashed many times.

I was very fortunate to be wearing my helmet and protection pads because i slid into trees, rocks, and guard rails. It really is exciting to be traveling so fast on a skateboard, and its also very fun to be sliding around corners.

I was fine on Sunday but this week my whole body hurts from all the crashing. At one point i was sliding on my butt and burned a hole in my pants, it hurts when i sit down now, and it really hurt when i took a bath. i think it will take about a week for my muscles and skin to recover.

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