Recent Economics

Well May has been a very heavy month as it usually is, I’ve been working harder than usual which is good, but tiring. Recently the advanced students have been talking about the economy, and it is very interesting to see news about it almost daily.

As we learn about Abenomics we can immediately see real life examples of our conversation topics. The last week showed a sudden drop in Japanese stock prices which may be an example of the possible consequences if Abenomics fails.

It seems that people are not really worried about it and that makes me wonder whether people really understand it or not. Its also very possible that people are just optimistic, which as we learned, is a very key point to making Abenomics work.

i know that economics is not an interesting topic for some, but we should realize that it affects us directly so it is important. Its also a great opportunity for us to use specific grammar and vocabulary relating to money, and business.

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