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Have Lunch Vs. Have for Lunch

Let’s look at ‘have lunch’ vs. ‘have for lunch’.

Incorrect: ‘I had for lunch at a restaurant.’

Correct: ‘I had lunch at a restaurant.’

Correct:  ‘I had pasta for lunch at a restaurant.’

Incorrect: ‘I went out for have lunch.’

Correct: ‘I went out for lunch.’

Also, ‘a’ is not used before the words ‘breakfast’, ‘lunch’ or ‘dinner’.

Incorrect: ‘I had a breakfast at 7 am.’

Correct: ‘I had breakfast at 7 am.’

However, if used with a descriptive word, you need to use ‘a’.

Correct: ‘I had a buffet lunch with my friend.’

Incorrect: ‘I had buffet lunch with my friend.’

Also, ‘have’ and ‘eat’ can be interchanged in these sentences.

For example, ‘I ate breakfast at 7 am.’


English Cafe

letseigo-englishcafeOn the morning of January 6th 2015, we held the first official “English Cafe” at Let’s Eigo in Moriai. It was a fun, relaxing time to start the new year!


English cafe is a 60-minute free talk time. The price to attend is just 1000 yen, with coffee included!

It’s a great way to practice speaking English while enjoying coffee in a no-pressure environment. We didn’t use a text book – we just talked about anything we wanted to.

Thanks to the students who participated! I hope to do more “English Cafe” often events this year.