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Big Snow In Fukushima Winter 2014

This winter has brought a lot of snow to Fukushima! I’m very surprised!


I’ve seen the news on TV and on the internet news sites. There are a lot of stories about the heavy snow fall and many accidents that have been caused by the snow.


Image from http://www.asahi.com/articles/photo/AS20140209001128.html

How have you been coping with the snow? Did you have to shovel the snow around your house and work place?

Did you suffer a lot of inconveniences like closed roads or  slow moving traffic?

The heavy snow in Fukushima and Touhoku area is not one of my favorite things about the place. It causes a lot of trouble for almost everyone, especially those who live in the more rural areas where they might not remove the snow from the roads with the snow plow.

The only really good thing about snow is that is makes for good snowboarding and skiing!

Take care on the roads driving and don’t injure yourself shoveling snow. It can be heavy so it can be easy to hurt your back. Also, watch out for falling snow off roofs!  I know every year a number of people die or get injured from falling snow from roofs.

Ganbatte! Stay positive and happy because spring will be coming soon!

– Stuart