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A weekend in Sakata


This weekend i attended the 44th Yamagata Aikido demonstration.

I went to Sakata city which is in the north of Yamagata. The travel took about 3 hours but i drove by some of the most beautiful mountain scenery.

I saw many small lakes and rivers, and even mount Gassan.

I was really moved by how beautiful the country is and was very glad that i spend my time traveling all around Tohoku to appreciate it.


The demonstration showed some of the best Aikido in Yamagata and i was again very impressed. There was a small but good number of young people studying seriously and a fair number of middle aged people with great experience.

I find it rare these days to see people commit to life long disciplines such as Aikido since most people quit right before entering high school, or university, or  before starting their careers. Many traditional japanese arts require a lifetime of study but today’s busy lifestyles seem to prioritize working more than anything, sometimes even over making money! Do you know what i mean?