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Winter Is Cold But Beautiful

下の方、日本語の翻訳があります。GoogleTranslate をつかましたので、変な日本語になったかもしれない!

Once again we’ve experienced another season change in Fukushima.

This time it’s winter.

snow on the trees

Fall came and went so quickly, it was nice while it lasted but now we have the cold winter to bare for at least 3 months.

Although I don’t like the cold weather much, it’s such a nice sight driving through the mountains, seeing white snow aloft the trees and coating the forest floor.

The view from Fukushima city of Mt. Azuma in the winter is a miraculous sight. It reminds me that I’m far away from Australia and this is a wonderful, unique place.

In winter, I try to stay indoors for obvious reasons, but I love to get out and go snowboarding when I can – and when weather permits.

Hopefully this year I will be able to go out with Otto for some fun on the slopes.

Here are pictures from a few years ago. These pics were taken by pro photographer Pete Leong, a friend (and fellow Aussie) I made here in Fukushima, who is now living in Okinawa.

pete and stu snowboard

When I get out to snowboard this season, I’ll be sure to post photos for you to check out.

Do you go snowboarding? Where do you go? What other things do you do for fun in winter?

– Stu








冬には、私は明白な理由のために屋内に滞在しようが、私は外に出てたときに私ができるスノーボードに行くのが大好き – とするとき、天候が許す。





– ステュー