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Tips For Passing Tests

Are you studying for an English test? Maybe TOEIC or EIKEN? Those seems to be the most popular tests for Japanese students of English.

Here are some tips for passing your test.

Study, Ask, Practice, Prepare, Perform

Study – General study of the overall content comes first. You might already be taking English conversation classes or studying by yourself with a text book or audio course. Study needs to be a daily activity so you can steadily improve. There are specific books to help you study and prepare for TOIEC and EIKEN tests. Look in your local book store for a book to help you study.

Ask – When you have a question about the content in your text book or about the test coming up, it’s best to ask someone who knows. You can ask your teacher in person or read official websites on the internet for more information.

Practice – Whenever you can, practice your test with a real person (your teacher) or use a Practice test book. The more you practice, the better you’ll perform on the big day of your test.

Prepare – In the days leading up to the test, prepare everything you need for the test. This includes making sure you know how to get to the testing facility on time. You should also review all the content that will appear on the test.

Perform – Take the test with confidence. Have a positive mindset that you will score great on the test. If you’ve studied and prepared for the test, you will have more confidence naturally. Concentrate on your test questions and let your mind deliver the answer. If you’ve studied well, the answers will all be in your sub-conscious mind. Keep an eye on the time too. Most test takers worry and fret about being able to complete the test on time. You may have to hurry to answer all the questions so be ready for that.

Good luck on your test!